Koonara 'Emily May' Rose 2021

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2021 Rose 

This year’s vintage is a Spanish variety called Tempranillo. (pronounced Tem-pran-ee-oo). It’s name comes from the Spanish word, temprana, which means early, referring to the fact that it’s an early-ripening red variety.

This Rosé has amazing fruit intensity. It’s the bomb, well actually more like a fruit bomb but without the sweetness. This brings us to the sugar, this one does have a couple of grams of sugar, which is still very little compared to most. Because we get the natural sweetness from the fruit, there is no need to add lots of sugar. It’s only added to balance out the natural acidity that you get from growing Spanish varieties in a cool climate.  It’s got an intense pink colour to it, and massive Turkish delight (think rose petals), raspberry, and strawberry flesh notes. This is one you are gonna fall in love with.

Named after my dear Gran, Emiline May Reschke – who lived on our family property until she was 99. Accomplished dressmaker and designer, teacher, bridge and scrabble guru and professional floral artist. Here’s to you Gran.